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导读:日常交际用语meteorology 气象学atmosphere 大气climate 气候elements 自然力量(风 、雨)temperature 气温to be warm, to be hot 天气热to be cold 天气冷season 季节spring 春summer 夏autumn 秋 (美作:fall)winter


meteorology 气象学

atmosphere 大气

climate 气候

elements 自然力量(风 、雨)

temperature 气温

to be warm, to be hot 天气热

to be cold 天气冷

season 季节

spring 春

summer 夏

autumn 秋 (美作:fall)

winter 冬

frost 霜

hail 冰雹

snow 雪

thunder 雷

wind 风

mist 雾

cloud 云

haze 霾

rain 雨

downpour, shower 暴雨

storm, tempest 暴风雨

lightning 闪电

land wind 陆风

hurricane 飓风

cyclone 旋风

typhoon 台风

whirlwind 龙卷风

gale 季节风

gust of wind 阵风

breeze 微风

fog 浓雾

dew 露水

humidity 潮湿

freeze 冰冻

snowflake 雪花

snowfall 降雪

waterspout 水龙卷

dead calm 风平浪静

Indian summer 小阳春


1. 交通规则 traffic regulation

2. 路标 guide post

3. 里程碑 milestone

4. 停车标志 mark car stop

5. 红绿灯 traffic light

6. 自动红绿灯 automatic traffic signal light

7. 红灯 red light

8. 绿灯 green light

9. 黄灯 amber light

10. 交通岗 traffic post

11. 岗亭 police box

12. 交通警 traffic police

13. 打手势 pantomime

14. 单行线 single line

15. 双白线 double white lines

16. 双程线dual carriage-way

17. 斑马线 zebra stripes

18. 划路线机 traffic line marker

19. 交通干线 artery traffic

20. 车行道 carriage-way

21. 辅助车道 lane auxiliary

22. 双车道 two-way traffic

23. 自行车通行 cyclists only

24. 单行道 one way only

25. 窄路 narrow road

26. 潮湿路滑 slippery when wet

27. 陡坡 steep hill

28. 不平整路 rough road

29. 弯路 curve road ; bend road

30. 连续弯路 winding road

31. 之字路 double bend road

32. 之字公路 switch back road

33. 下坡危险 dangerous down grade

34. 道路交叉点 road junction

35. 十字路 cross road

36. 左转 turn left

37. 右转 turn right

38. 靠左 keep left

39. 靠右 keep right

40. 慢驶 slow

41. 速度 speed

42. 超速 excessive speed

43. 速度限制 speed limit

44. 恢复速度 resume speed

45. 禁止通行 no through traffic

46. 此路不通 blocked

47. 不准驶入 no entry

48. 不准超越 keep in line ; no overhead

49. 不准掉头 no turns

50. 让车道 passing bay

51. 回路 loop

52. 安全岛 safety island

53. 停车处 parking place

54. 停私人车 private car park

55. 只停公用车 public car only

56. 不准停车 restricted stop

57. 不准滞留 restricted waiting

58. 临街停车 parking on-street

59. 街外停车 parking off-street

60. 街外卸车 loading off-street

61. 当心行人 caution Pedestrian counterrossing

62. 当心牲畜 caution animals

63. 前面狭桥 narrow bridge ahead

64. 拱桥 hump bridge

65. 火车栅 level crossing

66. 修路 road works

67. 医院 hospital

68. 儿童 children

69. 学校 school

70. 寂静地带 silent zone

71. 非寂静地带 silent zone ends

72. 交通管理 traffic control

73. 人山人海 crowded conditions

74. 拥挤的人 jam-packed with people

75. 交通拥挤 traffic jam

76. 水泄不通 overwhelm

77. 顺挤 extrusion direct

78. 冲挤 extrusion impact

79. 推挤 shoved

80. 挨身轻推 nudging

81. 让路 give way

82. 粗心行人 careless pedestrian

83. 犯交通罪 committing traffic offences

84. 执照被记违章 endorsed on driving license

85. 危险驾驶 dangerous driving

86. 粗心驾车 careless driving

87. 无教员而驾驶 driving without an instructor

88. 无证驾驶 driving without license

89. 未经车主同意 without the owner's consent

90. 无第三方保险 without third-party insurance

91. 未挂学字牌 driving without a "L" plate

92. 安全第一 safety first

93. 轻微碰撞 slight impact

94. 迎面相撞 head-on collision

95. 相撞 collided

96. 连环撞 a chain collision

97. 撞车 crash

98. 辗过 run over

99. 肇事逃跑司机 hit-run driver

100. 冲上人行道 drive onto the pavement

3学校instruction, education 教育

culture 文化

primary education 初等教育

secondary education 中等教育

higher education 高等教育

the three R's 读、写、算

school year 学年

term, trimester 学季

semester 学期

school day 教学日

school holidays 假期

curriculum 课程

subject 学科

4餐馆Air conditioned 空调开放

Daily specials 每日特色菜

Soup of the Day今日特色汤

Drinks purchased are for taken away only 饮料仅供外卖

Eat in or take away 店内吃或外卖

Please ask to taste 欢迎品尝

Please wait here or take advantage until our hostess escorts to your table. 请稍等或自便,主人会领你入座。

Superb cuisine and wide selection of drinks. 美味佳肴,各种饮料

Take away service available 提供外卖

Today's special/Today's specialties 今日特色菜

Try our summer range of food 品尝夏季各种食品

Wines & spirits 红酒白酒

5邮局Abroad 国外信件

All prices include postage and packing 全部价格包括邮资和包装

Calls charged at the national rate 电话按国内长途收费

Counter service 服务柜台

Country letters 国内信件

Enquires 问讯处

nternet e-mail with free fast access to useful sites 发电子邮件,免费访问常用的网站。

Local calls 本地电话

Mobile phone center 移动电话中心

National calls 国内长途电话

Nokia original accessories 诺基亚原装配件

Please join the main queue 请排成一队

Please post all your mail here,thank you 请在此邮寄,谢谢合作

Pocket phone shop 手机商店

Post your comments here 请留下您的意见

Price paid including fees and vat.所付价格包括服务费和增值税

Stamp vending machine 邮票销售机


to do some shopping; to go shopping 买东西

shopping centre 商业中心区

department store 百货商店

children's goods store 儿童用品商店

antique shop 古玩店

second-hand store 旧货店

counter 柜台

stall, stand 售货摊

show window 橱窗

show case 玻璃柜台

shelf 货架

cash desk, cashier's desk 收银处

price tag 标价签

prices are fixed, fixed prices 有定价

discount 打折扣

change 零钱

to keep the bill 留发票

to wrap up 包装

free of charge 不收费

to deliver 送

be al sold out, out of stock 售空

shop assistant, salesman 售货员

saleswoman 女售货员

glassware counter 玻璃器皿部

enamel ware 搪瓷器皿

haberdashery 男子服饰用品


例句:感觉好象春天到了。It feels like spring



He's always full of cheer in summer.



The leaves turn yellow in autumn.

冬天: winter


In winter she wears mittens.


晴天: sunny

阴天: cloudy day

下雪: snow

下雨: rainy

火车: train


The train is still in sight.



The steamers for Shanghai leave on Wednesday.

飞机: airplane


They planned to hijack a plane.

小汽车: compact car


The car drew up alongside the road.

吉普车: jeep,

巴士: autobus

司机: chauffeur

直升机: helicopter

客车: coach

学校: school


He is the hope of his school.

图书馆: library


I passed the store on my way to the library.

教室: classroom


There are eight students in the classroom.

老师: teacher


I asked the teacher for her advice.

图书: books


笔: pen

厕所: toilet

读书: study

餐馆: restaurant


The restaurant is under new ownership.

食堂: dining hall


A mess hall.

酒店: pub


It's a nice pub, except for the landlord.

大排档: sidewalk snack booth; large stall


Clients in Macau include Chain Hotels, Casinos, Restaurants, Coffee Shops as well as local Coffee Houses and Tai Pai Dong.

邮局: post office


I went to the post office to mail the letters.

快递: express


I have enclosed a post office money order for$40, 000 which include the express charges.

信封: envelope


The envelope was firmly sealed.

信件: a letter


He has received a swarm of letters.

商店: store


I passed the store on my way to the library.

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