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Good morning! 早晨(上午)好!
Good afternoon! 下午好!
Good evening! 晚上好!
Good night! 晚上好!
Good-bye / Bye-bye / Bye! 再见!
See you! 再见!
See you later! 回头见!
See you next time! 下次见!
See you

Good morning! 早晨(上午)好!
Good afternoon! 下午好!
Good evening! 晚上好!
Good night! 晚上好!
Good-bye / Bye-bye / Bye! 再见!
See you! 再见!
See you later! 回头见!
See you next time! 下次见!
See you tomorrow! 明天见!
See you this afternoon! 下午见!
Hi! 嗨(随便的打招呼)
Hello! 哈罗!(通常打招呼用)
――How do you do? 你好。(用于初次见面问候)
――How do you do? 你好。(用于初次见面回答)
Glad (Happy / Pleased / Nice)to see (meet)you. 很高兴见到你。
――What's your name? 你叫什么名字?
――My name is…, 我叫…。
Welcome to our school. 欢迎到我们学校来。
I love our school. 我爱我们学校。
I love MianYang Wanbo Boarding School! 我爱绵阳万博实验学校。
Let me introrduce myself, My name is….我来自我介绍一下。我叫…。
I'm in Class One, Senior One. 我在高一(1)班。
I'm in class One, Junior One. 我在初一(1)班。
I'm in class One, Grade six. 我在六年级一班。
I'm a middle (primary) school student. 我是中(小)学生。
I hope we will become good friends. 我希望我们能成为好朋友。
――How are you? 你好吗?
――Fine,thank you. And you? 很好。谢谢。你好吗?
――(I'm)Fine,too.Thank you. 我也很好。谢谢。
Thank you (very much). 非常感谢。
Thanks (Thanks a lot/Thousands of thanks).万分感谢。
It's very kind of you to help me so much.你真好,帮了我大忙。
You are welcome./That's all right.It's nothing./Not at all.不用谢。没什么。
It's my pleasure.我乐于效劳。
It's my duty.这是我应该做的。
Happy New year(Mother's day/Teacher's day/National Day/Birthday)!新年(母亲节/父亲节/教师/国庆节/生日)快乐!
boys and girls,Merry Christmas to you!孩子们,圣诞快乐!
Excuse me,may I…?请原谅,我可以…?
What's wrong with you? 你怎么了?/发生什么事了?
Can I help you?要帮忙吗?
Keep off the grass!不要践踏草地。
No spitting.不要随地吐痰。
Watch loud talking in corridor.不要在走廊里大声喧哗。
Don't throw litter。不要随便乱扔东西。

There's the bell.打铃了。
It's time for class.上课时间到了。
Class begins/is over.上课。/下课。
Stand up!起立!
What day is today?今天是星期几?
Today is Monday(tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday).今天是星期一(星期二/星期三/星期四/星期五/星期六/星期日)。
How is Today's weather?今天天气怎么样?
It's sunny(cloudy/rainy).今天阳光灿烂(阴天/下雨天)。
Sit down,please!请坐!
Silence(Be quite!),please!请安静!
No talking!不要说话!
Look at the blackboard(show slides),please.请看黑板(幻灯片)。
Open your books and turn to page 20,please.请打开你的书本,翻开第20页。
Read after me.跟我读。
Well done(Very good/It's OK),boys and girls.做得好!孩子们。
Let me try(again/once again).让我试试(再试一次)。
Raise your hand to answer the question,please.请举手回答问题。
I think all of you can do that better next time.我想,你们下次都能做得更好。
Any more questions? 还有什么问题吗?
Do you understand my words?你们听懂我的话了吗?
I see,I see.我明白了。我懂了。
That's all for today.今天就讲到这里。

Have you done your homework?做完家庭作业了吗?(你?)
Keep the classroom(room) clean!保持教室(房间)卫生。
Let's listen to the Wanbo Boarding School broadcast.咱们来听万博广播。
It's time to do break setting-up exercises/do eye exercises.到了做课间操(眼保健操)的时间了。
Let's do break setting-up exercises/do eye exercises.咱们来做课间操(眼保健操)。
Let's go to the library to read books.咱们去图书馆看书吧。
——May I come in?可以进来吗?
Get up,please.起床。
Brush your teeth.刷牙。
Wash your face.洗脸。
Put on warm clothes.穿暖和点。
Becareful,Don't catch cold.小心,别感冒。
Close(Shut) the door behind you,please.请随手关门!
Line up!站队!
Attention!立正!At ease!稍息!
Eyes right(left,centre)!向右(左,中)看齐!
Eyes front!向前看!
Left face(turn)!向左转!
Righ face(turn)!向右转!
About face(turu)!向后转!
Count off!报数!
Mark time!踏步!
Quick march!齐步走!
Double march!跑步走!
Come on !加油!
don't lag behind!不要掉队!
It's time for breakfast(lunch/supper).早(中、晚)饭时间到了。
Let's go to the dinner-hall.咱们去食堂吧。
Wash your hands before meals.饭前洗手。
Help yourself(to some fish).随便吃(点鱼)。
It's delicious!真好吃!
Any more?还要吗?
Eat it up,please.请吃完。
Don't speak with your mouth full.不要吃着东西说话。
Save on food(water),please.节约粮食(水)。
Go to the dormitory,please.去宿舍。
Go to your bedroom,please.回寝室。
Go to bed,please.睡觉。
be quite,please.安静!
Turn off(on) the light!开(关)灯!
The school buses are coming.校车来了。
Let's get on the buses.咱们上车吧。
Go aboard the buses.上车。
We are going home.我们回家了。
We'll come back to our school the day after tomorrow.我们后天返校。

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